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Want to experience first hand what putting lessons at Swing Lab Performance Golf can do for you?

Schedule a 45-minute putting analysis with one of our teaching professionals in our world class putting studio.

45-Minute putting Analysis | $49
(One Time Per Person)

Putting Analysis Technology


Utilizing both ground level and overhead high-speed cameras, the Quintic system measures over 45 parameters that are displayed for analysis by our teaching professionals when giving you either a lesson or a putter fitting.

Zen Green Stage

Zen Green Stage is a hydraulic putting surface that adjusts in seconds, allowing the player to create any putt to an accuracy +/- 0.1% of a gradient.


PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment, instantly calculating and projecting each putt directly onto the green and tracking it in real-time.

AimPoint Green Reading

Improve you green reading abilities by learning how to use the AimPoint technique. This green reading method utilizes your feet and fingers to help gauge the slope of your putt to find the ideal spot to aim.

Thomas Shuldheisz is an AimPoint certified instructor who will teach you how to utilize this green reading method that will have you making more putts out on the course.