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Swing Lab is a high-performance golf training facility located in Lakeville, MN that utilizes top of the line technology to revolutionize the way golfers improve their game.

Our Technology

TrackMan 4

The TrackMan 4 launch monitor combines radar tracking and high-end optics to produce the most accurate ball and club data that is used by over 1,000 tour players.

Video Analysis

Each of our hitting rooms is outfitted with high-speed cameras and video analysis software that allows you to analyze your swing using slow-motion playback, video overlay and side-by-side comparisons.

Swing Catalyst

The Swing Catalyst Motion Plate measures both balance pressure and three-dimensional ground reaction forces, acting between the player’s feet and the ground.

Zen Green Stage

Zen Green Stage is a hydraulic putting surface that adjusts in seconds, allowing the player to create any putt to an accuracy +/- 0.1% of a gradient.


PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment, instantly calculating and projecting each putt directly onto the green and tracking it in real-time.


Utilizing both ground level and overhead high-speed cameras, the Quintic system measures over 45 parameters that are displayed for analysis by our teaching professionals when giving you either a lesson or a putter fitting.

Titleist Pro V1 RCT

The Titleist Pro V1 “Radar Capture Technology” is a revolutionary golf ball, codesigned with TrackMan, that increases ball tracking accuracy in an indoor environment.


Book either a luxury private simulator room or our world class putting studio, during staffed hours at a rate of $59/h.

Hours ($49/Hr)


M - Th         10:00a - 9:00p

  Prime Hours ($59/hr)


Fri - Sat     10:00A - 10:00P

Sunday      11:00A - 5:00p

Please aRrive 10 min Prior to booking


Members receive 10 hours per month of usage and 24-hour access to the facility. These hours may be used on any combination of simulator room or putting studio reservations. Members also receive priority booking, 15% discount on lessons and club fittings and may roll-over up to 5 unused hours per month.

Punch pass holders receive priority booking. These hours may be used on any combination of simulator room or putting studio reservations. Reservations must be booked during staffed hours.
Punch passes expire 12 months after purchase.


Punch Passes


Private lessons at Swing Lab Performance Golf are the best addition any golfer can make to improve their game.

Your first lesson will consist of a full swing analysis where our teaching pros will provide an assessment of your swing mechanics and create a training program tailored to you.

Book a Lesson   |   $125/hr
 5 Lesson   |   Rate of $115/hr   |   $575 
10 Lesson   |   Rate of $99/hr   |   $990

Junior Programs

Tailored for competitive junior golfers looking to take their game to the next level, Swing Lab’s Junior Programs provide specialized training that is built around each golfer’s game.

Not only will junior golfers receive private instruction from one of our teaching professionals, but they will also have access to our simulator rooms and putting studio to develop their game 12 months a year.

The Elite Junior Program includes 4 private lessons and 10 simulator/putting studio hours per month.

The Advanced Junior Program includes 2 private lessons and 5 simulator/putting studio rental hours per month.

Elite Junior

Advanced Junior

Club Fitting

Don’t let your equipment cost you strokes on the course. Find the best clubs to fit your game with our custom club fitting service, backed by TrackMan and Quintec data.

We have options from many of the leading brands, including, Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Cobra, Mizuno and Tour Edge.

40% discount on club fitting service with purchase of a club.

         Driver           |     1.5 hr      |     $175   
  Wood/Hybrid     |     1.0 hr      |     $125   
          Irons            |      1.5 hr     |     $175   
        Wedges         |      1.0 hr      |     $125   
        Putter           |      1.0 hr      |     $125   
      Full Bag         |       3.5 hr      |     $350