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Our Staff

Selecting an instructor is just like finding the right training regimen, they should be an optimal fit for you. At Swing Lab Performance Golf, we believe providing you top-notch teaching talent and the ability to choose the right professional tailored to you, is paramount in all services we provide.

Thomas Campbell
Director of Instruction

Thomas has been the most successful and consistent player in the Minnesota PGA Section winning multiple championships and tallying 32 wins, 19 2nd place finishes and 12 third place finishes out of the 120 events he has played in since joining the Minnesota Section in 2019. Thomas played for the University of Minnesota in college before turning professional and had a very successful mini tour career including playing on the Korn Ferry Tour and PGA Tour Canada. For the past four years Thomas has been in the club fitting & teaching industry. You may recognize Thomas from content on YouTube specific to club fitting and instruction. Thomas is originally from New Zealand and has lived in Minnesota since 2006. He lives with his wife Josie and daughter Ngaire in Savage.

Swing Analysis Technology

TrackMan Launch Monitor

TrackMan 4 is the most trusted launch monitor on the market. It has the ability to capture ball, club, and impact location data on each swing and generate countless metrics such as ball speed, spin rate, club path, and face angle to provide data driven feedback on your swing.

Video Analysis Cameras

Using both a face-on and down-the-line angels from our high-speed cameras, we are able to capture video of your swing for instant analysis.

Swing Catalyst Motion Plate

The Swing Catalyst Motion Plate is a state-of-art pressure and force plate that measures foot pressure along with ground reaction forces throughout the golf swing, giving our teaching professionals detailed feedback to visualize information such as weight distribution, center of pressure, and even the amount of torque that was generated.

Putting Analysis Technology


Utilizing both ground level and overhead high-speed cameras, the Quintic system measures over 45 parameters that are displayed for analysis by our teaching professionals when giving you either a lesson or a putter fitting.

Zen Green Stage

Zen Green Stage is a hydraulic putting surface that adjusts in seconds, allowing the player to create any putt to an accuracy +/- 0.1% of a gradient.


PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment, instantly calculating and projecting each putt directly onto the green and tracking it in real-time.

Want to experience first hand what lessons at Swing Lab Performance Golf can do for you?

Schedule a 45-minute swing analysis with one of our teaching professionals who will use this data to dissect your swing and build a training plan specific to you.

45-Minute Swing Analysis | $49
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